Weight Loss & Fitness Classes in Newton, MA

Here at CORE Boot Camp, one session is a month in duration. This program is designed to help you regain awareness of core muscles and strengthen the midsection. The workouts are planned out in advance and each week is progressively more challenging from the previous week. Each month’s workout involves all the primal movement patterns, either weight resisted or body weight resisted.


At CORE Boot Camp, we strive to ensure that our members gain confidence. We design programs that are specific to your experience and fitness objectives. To get started on a tailored fitness plan to help you become the new you, simply contact us now!


CORE Boot Camp takes pride in having some of the best equipment available to help our members get the results they want. We’ll teach you how to recognize proper forms and methods so you may have a terrific exercise every time you come in and get fantastic results.

Personal Trainer

Encouragement, accountability, and motivation is now within your reach. Join now and explore fitness, health, and nutrition with CORE Boot Camp. Live 1-on-1 personal guidance is now accessible to everyone!